CO7207 Generative Development

CO7207 Generative Development

Credits: 20 Convenor: Dr. Piotr Kosiuczenko Semester: 2

Prerequisites: essential: Basic Java and Software Engineering knowledge, cf. CO1003, CO2006
Assessment: Coursework: 35% Three hour exam: 65%
Lectures: 30 Problem Classes: none
Tutorials: none Private Study: 100
Labs: 10 Seminars: none
Project: none Other: none
Surgeries: 10 Total: 150

Subject Knowledge


This module teaches the basic principles and techniques of Generative Software Development, aspect oriented programming and Model Driven Architecture.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course the students should be able to:


Class sessions together with course notes, textbooks, printed solutions, and some additional hand-outs and web support.


Marked problem-based worksheets, traditional written examination.

Subject Skills


To teach students generative development methods.

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to:


Class sessions and labour sessions (when appropriate).


Class sessions together with worksheets.

Explanation of Pre-requisites

Rudimentary knowledge of UML and Java is required.

Course Description

Software engineering is a very dynamically developing discipline. There are new specification, modelling and programming languages, new tools and paradigms for development of software systems. To the most promising milestones in the development belong:


The course will provide a broad picture of new developments in the area of Modelling and Code Genaration. It will teach details of conscious modelling with different UML diagrams, methodical system development from UML model using Generative Methods, the principles of Aspect Oriented Programming and Model Driven Architecture. In this course we will use state of the art software tools.

Reading list


Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Conquering Complex and Changing Systems, B. Bruegge, A. Dutoit, Prentice Hall, 2003.

Model Driven Architecture, David S. Frankel, Wiley, 2003.

Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming, Ramnivas Laddad, Manning Publications, 2003.

Mastering AspectJ: Aspect-Oriented Programming in Java, Joseph D. Gradecki, Nicholas Lesiecki, Wiley, 2003.

Enterprise Java with UML, 2nd Edition, C. T. Arrington, Syed H. Rayhan, Wiley, 2003.

K. Czarnecki, U. Eisenecker, Generative Programming, Addison-Wesley, 2000.


Course notes, internet resources, worksheets, handouts.

Module Evaluation

Course questionnaires, course review.

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