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Algorithms and Complexity Group

Research undertaken within the Algorithms and Complexity group is wide-ranging. The goals are, broadly, to understand and quantify the computational resources required to solve a problem. A closely related aim is to understand the power and limitations of models of computation. We use our understanding to develop software that efficiently uses resources to solve demanding computational problems.

We work in a number of areas including: algorithms, complexity theory, data structures, distributed and parallel computing, evolutionary computation, formal language theory, graph theory, and semigroup theory. The group also looks at practical aspects and applications of theory, in particular algorithm engineering, which deals with the practical applications and performance of algorithms.

There are a number of international research collaborations and the group regularly hosts visitors from other institutions.


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Postgraduate Study

Algorithms and Complexity group is keen to accept new MPhil and PhD students in any of the areas of research undertaken by members of the group. More details on the application procedure, which includes information on fees, funding and the Department's graduate programme, can be found on the Department's admissions web pages. Alternatively, potential MPhil or PhD students are encouraged to contact Rajeev Raman, Rick Thomas, Thomas Erlebach, Michael Hoffmann, Naila Rahman or Shengxiang Yang for an informal chat, or to ask for a copy of the Department's Postgraduate Opportunites brochure.

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