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General Chat Forum2004 Graduates? by James Caddy (3) at 18:33:21 on 24-10-2004
Jobs and CareersAnother one by James Caddy (3) at 18:27:55 on 24-10-2004
Jobs and CareersRe: Infineon Recruiting Events 2004 by David G. Paul (37) at 18:27:27 on 24-10-2004
Jobs and CareersGraduate Recruitment Exhibition in London by Thomas Erlebach (35) Site Admin at 15:06:09 on 24-09-2004
Jobs and CareersInfineon Recruiting Events 2004 by Thomas Erlebach (35) at 16:43:18 on 21-09-2004
Jobs and CareersJob search web-sites by Simon Ambler (2) Site Admin at 14:34:53 on 16-07-2004
Jobs and Careers"Computing" - weekly magazine by Simon Ambler (2) Site Admin at 14:30:10 on 16-07-2004
Jobs and CareersRemember to include job details by Simon Ambler (2) Site Admin at 14:23:51 on 29-06-2004
General Chat ForumRemember to include job details by Simon Ambler (2) Site Admin at 14:15:23 on 29-06-2004
General Chat ForumNice to see that its now being used by James Caddy (3) at 21:23:01 on 28-06-2004
General Chat ForumA nice idea! by David Cain (5) at 09:04:31 on 28-06-2004
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