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» Ideal degree programs for one who doesn’t like to write mu by Shannon Hudson (151)
     Posted 24-07-2017 19:03:33

If there would be a competition of worst assignment writing, I would be the winner of that. Yes, I am one of those who doesn’t like to write much. I even record my teacher’s lectures during the class instead of writing it down or making notes. However, I passed my school time, fortunately, and I don’t know how my teachers even allowed me because I always get worst remarks from them on my writing.
The reason that I believed that now I am going to be at the college because I used to get essay help in my last days of schools. Which helped me in getting enough marks to pass my school. Now finally I am in the age of the college admission, I want to ask only one question. Tell me a degree program in which you don't have to write your assignments? I am very good in practical and always got great marks in all the practical assignments in the software. That is why you can easily suggest me a degree program in which not all but major parts of the assignment are practical based. Kindly recommend me those degree programs so I can get college in the admission because time is running out. Kindly be sincere with your suggestions because it is something really important for someone.

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