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» Best tips for college students by Robert Lowery (155)
     Posted 30-11-2017 08:08:33

The only reason that makes many students go to college is since they do not know what to do otherwise. They inherited these goals from relatives and friends, and in fact these are not their goals. I went to college for this very reason.

As I wrote in my blog earlier, these three semesters were not my first associate with the college. I already went there once, but then I was not morally ready to learn from it. In high school, I was around honors acolyte, President of the mathematical club and captain of the professional dissertation writing service decathlon team. These facts led me to a situation where, having no clear cared whether I want it or not, after finishing high school, I was facing the prospect of a further four years of college. At that time, it seemed quite sensible, although my heart was not there. Therefore, internally, I resisted this choice. Instead of college, I was educated for parties and alcohol. Probably, the college leadership was against students, whose average ball was below one, and I was abruptly kicked out.

Reappearance the time expended on classes

It was an excellent cure for boredom. When the monotonous plummeting of the professor all caused sleep, I could work quietly on the code of the new program. I wrote the program on paper, and in between sessions I typed it on the computer. Therefore, I did not have to spend much time in a computer class, sometimes not more than 10-15 minutes, if my program was launched the first time.

You cannot always be much focused, so take breaks. When you need a break, rest for real. I meditated or doze on the grass between lessons to make up for strength. I used an alarm clock on a timepiece to know when it was time to get up and return to class. Such breaks restored the forces very well, and I could go to the next class and work again at full strength. I have never worked all day without stopping. My work schedule consisted of waves full of concentration and full relaxation, repeated many times a day.

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