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» Tips To Study Better and Get the Best Grades by Hilda Peters (156)
     Posted 05-12-2017 10:16:50

If there was a unique fantastic method to study and assimilate all the information much faster instead of spending so many hours, days or months locked up studying for sure that we would all give anything to do with the secret. As far as we know, no one has found anything like it at the moment. However, various scientific studies have discovered some factors that can influence our ability to learn. Obviously, knowing them can help us considerably to study better and faster. In this article, you will see what these factors are and how to get the most out of them to get the best grades.

1. Avoid bingeing a day. Instead, plan shorter study sessions for several days.

2. Avoid studying at night and set specific hours of the day for study sessions.

3. Set specific goals or objectives for each session.

4. Make schematic cards with the main information of what we have studied.

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