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» 3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Face Exams by Amelia Swift (158)
     Posted 20-12-2017 19:45:21

The exams arrive and most of you are nervous, collecting absent notes and harassing questions to the professors. Here are three useful tips to make the process more bearable.

Have everything ready
Nothing can make us more nervous before preparing an exam than to realize at the last minute that we are missing something. These days have to take a while to get organized: review the agenda and check it with your notes, ask what you do not have and place each subject in order of importance or difficulty.

Start now to have a regular schedule and at least 7 hours of daily sleep. You will need to be rested to perform, and routines help reduce stress. It is not time to drink or to commit any other excess that makes us lose days to be tired or hangover, the parties should be postponed to celebrate the good grades we take.

Varied techniques
Studying for exams is very stressful. Especially if we have left everything for the last moment. If we also have a hard time concentrating because studying is tedious, we will get more and more nervous. Use varied study techniques to make it more enjoyable and stimulating.

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