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» What Career Do I Choose? by Annelle Murray (159)
     Posted 26-12-2017 13:22:25

The motivations can be very varied, from the vocation to the convenience, from the family tradition to rebellion; whatever the reason, the decision is yours.

Great professional opportunities
If what moves you is ambition and you dream of starting to swim in bills a few years from now or, more difficult still, to have a decent and stable job, from 8 to 15, with your extra payments, your own affairs days and your month paid for vacations and you do not notice any romantic inclination towards art, poetry, philosophy or any of the other wonderful subjects that our society does not value in its just measure, then you can lean towards a career that will lead you towards your goal . Find the one you like the most and try hard so that everything comes out as you want and you can have the job you aspire to.

Erroneous reasons to choose a career
If your great-grandmother wanted to be a doctor and was not allowed to be a woman, your grandmother was a doctor, your mother is a doctor and your whole family puts tender eyes every time the subject of your studies comes up, but what you like is Arabic philology or anything else as far as possible from medicine, thank you, then you will have to face the family, the tradition and whatever it is to choose your own path. The last word is yours, do not hesitate.

No pressure
Whatever you decide, do not be overwhelmed. Often, something that we choose with enthusiasm can disappoint us over time and the studies are not different. This does not mean that you should not have perseverance or that you deflate yourself to the first setback, what it means is that you can make mistakes, the world is not going to end. You only have to change to next year and take advantage of everything you learn while you wait for the change. Surely the next one is going to be beaten.

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