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» How to Increase Our Concentration by Eleanor Morgan (160)
     Posted 29-12-2017 15:00:49

Life is unfair: what costs you four hours to study another is supposed to be ten, because you are constantly distracted. But all is not lost: the ability to concentrate can be trained. Learn to concentrate.

A good place
Our work space should have a good lighting, spacious table and a comfortable chair. For the rest, if we manage to create a relaxing and pleasant environment, it will be easier for us to spend the hours we need there.

Noise is one of the most distracting factors. Being heard background voices, the works of the neighbor or even our favorite music, will take us again and again from our task, so we should try to silence them.

Studying in groups doing rounds of questions, not only is much more fun than doing it alone, but also healthy competition forces us to be focused on the task. If we can convince a couple of friends, we will see how the results are better than we expected.

Games that improve concentration
Not only the video games help us, also the chess, checkers or any strategy game in which we have to anticipate plays, it is a good workout to increase our concentration.

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