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» 2004 Graduates? by James Caddy (3)
     Posted 24-10-2004 18:33:21

How are all the 2004 graduates out there doing if they are looking at these boards and see this?

I'm in retail atm myself after a web dev. job in Canada fell through due to it needing govt. approval, which I failed to get

• Re: 2004 Graduates? by David G. Paul (37)
   Posted 26-10-2004 18:46:27

I'm not doing too badly. I was offered a job doing software engineering for a company called 3T, but I turned that down due to a better opportunity arising. The company I already had a Saturday job with offered me full-time work, and my own computer division for selling PC's, repairing them, designing software, websites, etc.

As a personal project I'm also in the progress of setting up my own software house. The first major project is creating a site for selling high resolution digital photographs, kind of like eBay.

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