Getting Your Message Out – Connecting and engaging with your audience

Tue 6th December 2016, 5-7.30pm, Charles Wilson 1st Floor Café (City Side)

At our next Café join author, entrepreneur and recent TEDx Leicester vocalist Jim Shields who will be guiding us through the process of reaching out to and engaging audiences.  Director of Twist & Shout Communications, Jim has worked with organisations from small to large (including Sony, Warner Bros and Barclays) on how they can use comedy to get noticed and create intimacy with their customers.  Whether you want to better connect with your customers or simply want to apply more creative ways to engage your audiences, this your chance to learn. 

We’ll also hear from local start-ups pitching for support and from Leicester start-up networking groups pitching their communities; from Tech, to Creative, to Social Enterprise.   Don’t miss out on a great chance to connect!

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