Cisco are running an IoT Challenge

A competition involving some big employers. Prizes include internships

There are 2 programmes running this year specifically for people interested in technology

Intern and graduate opportunities at Barclays

If you are interested in getting work experience or securing an internship/graduate role in Technology within the financial sector, please s...

Summer internships opportunities

Want to spend the summer developing your hacking skills, researching cutting edge security topics and being part of the day-to-day activities at one of the world’s leading cyber security specialists?

On Tuesday 11th October there is a chance to learn more about how you can quickly test your startup ideas.

The main objective is to provide you with all the tools that you need to become an outstanding future leader of our business. Right from the start you will embark on a structured programme with ...

“… We will give you experience in different areas of our IT Departments. You’ll gain a thorough insight (and real experience) into the integral role our IT team plays all the way through to how ...

This is a great opportunity to discuss with representatives from a well-known employer and discover the vast array of opportunities at graduate, placement and internship level. We are one of just four universities that they are visiting to talk to students. Students will enter different zones to find out more and then access food and drink. Booking Essential