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STAFF — Irek Ulidowski B.Sc. (Queen Mary), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Imperial College)

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
G12Computer Science Building
Department of Computer Science,
University of Leicester,
University Road,
LE1 7RH.

T: +44 (0)116 252 3801
F: +44 (0)116 252 3604

I received a BSc degree in Mathematics with Computer Science from Queen Mary College, University of London in 1987. Then, in 1988, I was awarded MSc in the Foundations of Advanced Information Technology at the Department of Computing of Imperial College, University of London. I stayed at Imperial College for several more years while conducting doctorate research, and in 1994 I received a PhD degree for a thesis Local Testing and Implementable Concurrent Processes.

I was appointed to a Lectureship in the School of Computing, University of North London in 1992. From September 1994 to December 1997, I held a position of Associate Professor at the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) of Kyoto University, Japan. In 1998 I was appointed to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Leicester, and am currently a member of the Department of Computer Science within the College of of Science and Engineering.


  • Models of Reversible Computation: reversing CCS and other process calculi; semantics of true concurrency (bisimulations, modal logics) via reversibility; modelling of bio-systems with reversible process calculi, reversible DI-circuits and reversible cellular automata.
  • Process Calculi: operational semantics; testing and game semantics; behavioural equivalences; proof systems; process calculi with discrete time.
  • Structured Operational Semantics: formats of SOS rules, congruence results; automatic generation of proof systems; automatic generation of rewrite systems; formats for discrete time and timed properties.
  • Modelling in Ubiquitous Computing: location, movement, mobility, communication.
  • Operational semantics for Service Oriented Computing.
  • Term Rewriting: term rewriting with priorities, termination and confluence; automatic generation of priority term rewrite systems.

Professional Activities

  • A founding member of IFIP WG 1.8 on Concurrency Theory.
  • A member of the Steering Committees of Reversible Computation conference and EXPRESS - Structural Operational Semantics workshop.
  • An editor of the Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science.

Conferences and Workshops

Research Students

  • Nosheen Gul
  • Daniel Morrison. Daniel's PhD studies are funded by a PhD studentship from the College of Science and Engineering PhD Studentship Scheme.
  • Stefan Kuhn

If you are interested in PhD research in one of the above listed areas, and would like to discuss a possible course of study, then please get in touch by email.


  • Director of BSc/MComp programmes.
  • Examinations Officer for BSc/MComp programmes.
  • Member of the Appeal Panels.
  • Member of the Departmental Academic Committee.


  • CO1007: Study Skills and Professional Practice.
  • CO3007 and CO7007: Communication and Concurrency.
  • CO3014/CO3015/CO3120: Computer Science BSc Projects.
  • CO7201: MSc Project.
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