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STAFF — Roy L. Crole M.A. M.Math. Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
G10Computer Science Building
Department of Computer Science,
University of Leicester,
University Road,
LE1 7RH.

T: +44 (0)116 252 3404
F: +44 (0)116 252 3604
E: R.Crole at mcs dot le dot ac dot uk

  • Biography I attended The Maidstone School for Boys (now Oakwood Park Grammar School) and Churchill College, Cambridge. At Cambridge I read the Mathematical Tripos, and received my MA degree and the Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (MMath) from the University of Cambridge. I remained at Churchill College while undertaking doctoral research, and was supervised by Professor Andrew Pitts at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. I received a PhD degree for my thesis Programming Metalogics with a Fixpoint Type. I then moved to Imperial College in the University of London, and conducted one year of postdoctoral research funded by the ESPRIT project Categorical Logic in Computer Science. I subsequently obtained an SERC (now EPSRC ) Open Research Fellowship and remained at Imperial College for a further two years. I was appointed to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Leicester, in 1994, and currently am a member of the Department of Computer Science.
  • Research I develop the semantic theory, and implementations, of (meta) languages for programming and computation. At its heart, the idea is to develop new languages accompanied by rigourous semantics that support reasoning about programs. Another key motivation is to better understand the behaviour of existing languages, and how they might be improved. My research lies within the theoretical and mathematical arenas of Computer Science. To find out more please see the information and links below.

  • Teaching

    • Recent modules have included
    • In the past I have lectured on Denotational Semantics, Logic and Discrete Structures, Modal Logic, Operational Semantics, Theory of Functional Programming, and Practice of Functional Programming.
    • I regularly supervise third year BSc and MSc projects.

  • Administration

    • I have held a wide range range of posts within the Department, and also the Faculty of Science (to 2010) and currently the College of Science and Engineering (2010 onwards).
    • These positions have included Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator; Chair of the Teaching Committee, and of the Curriculum Committee; Director of Part Time Teaching; Undergraduate Programmes Director; member of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee, and College Academic Committee; member of the Board of the Faculty of Science; member of the Management Committee; and QAA Coordinator.
    • I am the Departmental Professional Accreditation Officer, and was responsible for the Department's BCS Accreditation visits in 1999, 2003 and most recently in 2008. The next accreditation is in 2013.

  • Roy L. Crole:
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