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How to get to Rick Thomas's Office


For directions to the University have a look here.

If you're coming by train then, to reach the University, you come out of the station onto a main road (the London Road). Turn left and walk down the London Road until you come to University Road on your right (there's a church on the corner). Turn down University Road and the University is a little way down on your left. It's best to come in at the middle entrance (entrance 2). You walk up the road into the University a little way until you come to the T-junction. Veer right up the footpath (past a modern sculpture on your left) and you'll come to the Computer Science Building.

There's a map of the campus here which I hope is vaguely consistent with the above!

Once you come into the building, go straight ahead through the door at the end of the foyer (not up the stairs). You come into a corridor and my office (Room G9) is the second-to-last on the right before the next door (which goes from the corridor into the back foyer).

Unfortunately, my office doesn't seen to be explicitly featured on any of the University's maps!

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