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Rick Thomas - Societies and External Duties

With respect to outside bodies, I am a member of the London Mathematical Society; I was the chair of the Society's Computer Science Committee for some years as well as being a member of the Council of the Society. I am currently a member of the Research Policy Committee and the Publications Committee.

I am a member of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science.

I am also a fellow of the British Computer Society as well as its FACS (Formal Aspects of Computing Science) special interest group. I also served on the committee of the latter for some years (with responsibilities for liaison with the London Mathematical Society).

I am a member of the Peer Review College of the EPSRC. This consists of experts who are trusted to perform peer review; selection of college members is based mainly on the number of nominations people receive from the research community.

I am the University of Leicester contact for the British Combinatorial Bulletin; for further details about this useful publication, see the home page of the bulletin here. I am also the departmental ICS contact for the Higher Education Academy.

I am one of the three members of the editorial board of the LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics and also on the editorial board of Groups, Complexity, Cryptology.

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