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University of Leicester

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From Legacy Systems to Services in the Net

TOK-IAP 003169
June'04 – May'08
72 man-months
EU Contribution: €417,775

Leg2Net resumes a partnership between industry and academia that, over several years, developed internationally recognised expertise in re-engineering of legacy applications and correct code generation from high-level specifications with the ability to target specific architectures and support an architecture-driven evolution of systems. The goal of Leg2Net is to make this expertise available to the wider IT community through postgraduate programmes of studies and industry-targeted training actions, and to develop a second generation of these methods and tools over service-based technologies that can be used to address the challenges that companies and organisations are facing for evolving their systems to operate and compete in the e-Economy.

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Author: José L Fiadeiro (jwf4@mcs.le.ac.uk).
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