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Thank you for registering for MGS 2009! Here is some further information about the school.


The weather here is quite variable. In the last few days we have had sun and 16 degrees celsius, through to windy, wet and and very cool weather. You should bring at least one warm jersey and rain coat, in case it remains wet and cool, but bear in mind that if the sun shines it can become fairly mild. An umbrella might be a good idea.


You are advised to take a taxi from the bus or train station if arriving on Sunday. The number 80 busses do not run during the vacations, and all Sunday service routes along the A6 road are infrequent.

During the week, the other bus services that go along London road and into Oadby should run.


For those who have booked accommodation for Sunday night, your room will be ready after 2pm. You may obtain your keys from the porter by going to the main entrance of the John Foster Facilities Building (=John Foster Hall!, JFH).

Either the porter will be present, or if he is on duty elsewhere, a message will be left at the JFH entrance and a number for you to call. In fact the number is

0116 221 2035

The porter is available through the night, but if you intend to arrive after 9pm please can you send an email so that we are aware of this.

There is no dinner Sunday night, but there are restaurants listed on the web page. If you have booked for Sunday night, breakfast will be available in JFH from 8am on Monday.

Daniela and Roy (and others?) will be outside John Foster Hall reception area at 7pm on Sunday to go for drinks at a local pub. It is some distance to the better places to go. We are planning on walking to the Queens Road area, in Clarendon park - 1.5 miles and 30 minutes walk. There are a number of bars and places to eat in Queen's Road and you are free to go where you wish. We have not booked anything since numbers are unknown. However, we suggest that Bar Dos Hermanos is a good bet. One may get drinks only, or order tapas.

Meeting at 7pm is of course entirely optional! We know many people arrive later on; and you may wish to rest in the evening after a long journey.

Bar Dos Hermanos Dos Hermanos 54 Queens Road Leicester, LE2 1TU 0116 270 8507

Route from John Foster Hall to Queens Road. Start at: Manor Rd 1. Head west on Manor Rd toward Bowder Ct - 0.2 mi 2. Continue on Knighton Grange Rd - 0.5 mi 3. Turn left at Guilford Rd - 164 ft 4. Turn right at A6/London Rd - 0.6 mi 5. Turn left at Clarendon Park Rd - 0.3 mi 6. Turn right at Queens Rd Destination will be on the right - 423 ft Arrive at: Queens Rd

Please bear in mind that this social gathering may be problematic if the weather is very poor. (From Monday to Friday all meals are of course provided, and the bar is open in the evenings from 6:30 to 11:30pm.)

A final reminder that if you need regular access to a computer, please try to bring a lap-top along. Rooms have broadband (you need a cable) and the lecture rooms have open wireless.


Registration for the school will be begin at 8am on Monday in the JFH bar. We will issue a welcome pack, copies of notes, and receipts for your payments. We will hold a further registration session at 11am during the first coffee break, but would be grateful if you can register at 8am - 8.50am if possible.

The lectures begin at 9am in the Swithland and Tilton room (see links on the main page).

All activities and meals will be in the JFH and further details will be provided on arrival.

The school lectures finish at 12.30pm on Friday; lunch is also available.

The accommodation rooms have internet access, but you will need to bring a RJ45/Cat5 cable with your lap-top. JFH has wireless access. Please note that the conference centre is a long distance (2.5km) from the Department of Computer Science, and hence there will be no laboratories available. Please do bring a lap-top if you can. We are looking to see if we can provide a small number of machines for participants, but cannot currently guarantee this.

We look forward to welcoming you to MGS 2009!

Yours sincerely,

Roy Crole, Daniela Petrisan and Phil Shine.

Author: Roy Crole.
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