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MGS Christmas Seminar 2010

15 December 2010

2:15 pm - 6pm
Lecture theatre: ATT LT3

The MGS Christmas Seminar is an event of the Midlands Graduate School. After Nottingham, Birmingham and Sheffield, it will take place in Leicester again.

Maps and Directions.
From the train station see also here.


2:15-3:15. Graham Hutton (Nottingham): The Worker/Wrapper Transformation (slides) (paper)

3:20-4:20. Glynn Winskel (Cambridge): The next-generation semantics? (slides)

4:20-5:00. Coffee Break.

5:00-6:00. Tadeusz Litak (Leicester): XPath from a Logical Point of View (slides)

We plan to go for an early dinner afterwards. To help us plan, let us know if you would like to join us.


The lecture theatre is ATT LT3 which is in the basement of the `Attenborough' building which you find on this map (take university Entrance 2, walk up the hill and then turn right, and then towards the left following the edge of the grass. Looking to your left you will see the very tall Attenborough tower. Walk up a few steps, and across to the tower entrance. Go though the doors, walk in a few meters, and then downstairs. The entrance to ATT LT3 is at the far end of the short corridor on the right). Alternatively, you can join us at around 2pm in the common room on the first floor of the Computer Science building, see again the map (this time, instead of turning left towards the tower, head towards the two storey red-brick Computer Science building).

Let me know if you come and whether you join us for dinner.

Local organisers: Roy Crole, Alexander Kurz.

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