25 Years of the Midlands Graduate School 2024

8 - 12 April, 2024, Leicester, UK.

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MGS 2024 is organised by Roy Crole and Reiko Heckel and Adam Machowczyk, University of Leicester.

If you have registered for MGS please see: MGS 2024 Welcome Email (26 March) and (4 April) and (7 April) sent from mgs2024@le.ac.uk

Participants should use the link sent out in these emails to access detailed information for MGS 2024. Thank you!

We have set up an MGS 2024 Discord server. We use Discord as a text-based chat app that is organised by topic into channels. Please join to:

Registration is now closed.


The Midlands Graduate School (MGS) provides an intensive programme of lectures on the Mathematical Foundations of Computing Science. It has run annually since 1999 and has been held at either the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester, the University of Nottingham, or at the University of Sheffield. The lectures are aimed at postgraduate/PhD students, typically in their first or second year of study for a PhD. However, the school is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about mathematical computing foundations, and all such applicants are warmly welcomed. We very much encourage students from abroad to attend, participants from industry, and many have done so in the past.

Celebrating 25 Years, MGS 2024 will be held at the School of Computing and Mathematics, Ken Edwards Building main Campus, University of Leicester, U.K. See map and transport information

Lecture Programme

We are delighted to announce a guest lecture on the formalisation of mathematics will be given by Kevin Buzzard, Imperial College. This takes place on Wednesday 10th April at 13:30pm.

The MGS main lecture programme consists of individual courses, where usually each course consists of four one hour lectures. There are Basic courses which are taken by everyone. There are also optional Advanced courses. We are always very flexible about which courses you attend, since we undestand that attendees may have a broad range of experiences and diverse knowledge.

Basic Courses
Category Theory Thorsten Altenkirch (Nottingham)
Introduction to Proof Theory Abhishek De (Birmingham) and Iris van der Giessen (Birmingham)
Introduction to Type Theory with Agda Todd Ambridge (Birmingham)
Advanced Courses
Session Types Sonia Marin (Birmingham) & Matteo Acclavio (Sussex)
Synthetic Homotopy Theory with HoTT/UF Ulrik Buchholtz (Nottingham)
Foundations and Applications of Graph Rewriting Reiko Heckel (Leicester)
Categorical Realisability Tom de Jong (Nottingham)


The schedule for teaching includes four lectures for each course, and usually three or four supporting exercise classes. The lectures will take place in the Ken Edwards building on campus, starting at 9 am and finishing at around 5pm.

The Timetable

There will be a social gathering on the evening of Sunday 7th, at the Cradock Arms very near to College Court, and 15 mins from the University campus (MGS/Ken Edwards). We will have a short trip and a dinner on the evening of Weds 10th April at the Leicester Bistro Pierre. We will also have a social evening on campus, after Monday's lectures, and provide pizza and drinks. In recent years there has been a tradition of offering participants the chance to deliver a short research presentation: this will take place on Thursday.


Registration is now closed. The registration fee covers: all lecture courses and example classes, tea and coffee breaks and sandwhich lunches, the MGS Dinner on Wednesday 10th April, and one social evening on campus with a pizza supper and drinks.

You will need to book and pay separately for your accommodation and we have provided a list of hotels below.


College Court is a University Conference Centre (about a mile from MGS which takes place on the main University campus) and they may have rooms available for MGS participants on a limited basis. Rooms can be booked for arrival on April 7 and departure on April 12, or a subset of those dates. If you would like to stay at College Court please download and complete the booking form and return it to conferences@leicester.ac.uk. College Court will make your booking and send out arrival information. The booking reference number is 79999 and is already included in the form.

In addition we list some hotels below.

  1. Hotel Brooklyn
  2. The Belmont Hotel
  3. Premier Inn
  4. Holiday Inn
  5. The Gresham Aparthotel
  6. Ibis Leicester City
  7. Travelodge
  8. The Grand Hotel
  9. Airbnb: There are plenty of options available in Leicester.


If your company would like to sponsor MGS2024, then we would be delighted to discuss this with you. Please contact us at mgs2024@le.ac.uk

Level Benefits Contribution
  • Your name/logo on the MGS 2024 website
  • All of the benefits of Bronze sponsorship
  • One complimentary industrial registration
  • An opportunity to provide publicity materials to participants
  • All of the benefits of Silver sponsorship
  • One additional complimentary industrial registration (2 in total)
  • An opportunity to address the participants
  • A table/booth-like space in the coffee break area
  • All of the benefits of Gold sponsorship
  • Three additional complimentary industrial registrations (5 in total)
  • An opportunity to display a poster and provide merchandise to participants


For any additional information or queries about MGS 2024, you may contact the organisers at mgs2024@le.ac.uk 😊


MGS is accessible by car, train and bus. We suggest that you use Google Maps, to assist in planning your journey. For general information about travel to Leicester, please consult the University map and transport information.

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