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RESEARCH STUDENT — Andrea Giugliano  MSc in Advanced Software Engineering (University of Leicester)

Ph.D. student
G3 Informatics Building
Department of Informatics,
University of Leicester,
University Road,
LE1 7RH.

E: ag400 at

About me

I graduated as a BSc student in "Information and Business Organisation Engineering" in 2012 at the University of Trento. Here I got a background in information technology, economics and project management. In that period I got in touch with Agile, and I had experiences of Scrum and Kanban methods (this last was the topic of my BSc thesis).
Right after I joined the University of Leicester, where I graduated in the MSc "Advanced Software Engineering" with distinction and I won the Best Theoretical Project 2013 award.
Finally my deep interest for software engineering pushed me to enter the university as a Ph.D. student. My supervisor is Dr. Tom Ridge.
In 2014 I participated with two colleagues of the Engineering department to EngineeringYES, an entrepreneurship event, where we won a Teamwork prize and Runners Up prize.


I am trying to make our computers more reliable. When we use computers, we often want to get some information out of them. What many people are worried about is that the way the computer operate on the data can be incorrect: e.g. we want to change the name of a file and the computer deletes it instead. For instance, some studies show that the software that manages data in the Linux operating system can fail in certain conditions (usually when you pull the electricity link during a complex operation).
We are working hard to develop the first prototype of a correct file system. Maybe this will not change your lives drastically, but at least NASA people will have less problems in sending rovers on Mars (the Spirit one was unable to move for two weeks for a filesystem problem!).
Contact me, if you are interested about this project!

In another flavour..
The research project I am contributing to aims to develop a formal, mechanized specification of filesystem behaviour, together with an efficient filesystem implementation, and a mechanized proof that the implementation meets the specification.


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