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Grants for postdoc positions

Coalgbraic Logic: Expanding the Scope, EPSRC EP/G041296/1, with Achim Jung (Birmingham) as coinvestigator, Tadeusz Litak as Postdoctoral Research Associate (now Erlangen), and Liang-Ting Chen as a PhD student (Birmingham). To run from October 2009 until September 2012.

`Coalgebras, Modal Logic, Stone Duality', EPSRC EP/C014014/1 from February 2006 to March 2008. --- The RA on this grant was Nick Bezhanishvili.

ERCIM fellow from August 2000 to August 2001 at CWI, Amsterdam and Masaryk University, Brno.

Smaller Grants

International Travel Grant of the Royal Society for Dr A Kurz to visit Prof Moshier and Prof Jipsen at Chapman University, Orange CA, USA, April - July 2012.

Coalgebraic Probabilistic Logic over Measurable Spaces via Stone Duality, EPSRC EP/H04714X/1, with Achim Jung (Birmingham) and Andrew Moshier (Chapman, USA) as coinvestigators. To pay for Prof Moshier visiting during a sabbatical in 2010.

International Travel Grant of the Royal Society for Dr A Balan (Bucharest) to visit Leicester in Oct/Nov 2009.

Co-investigator of `International Workshop: Coalgebraic Logic', EPSRC EP/F016662/1, with Hilary Priestley (University of Oxford) as PI. --- Supporting the Coalgebraic Logic workshop organised by myself and held in Oxford, August 10-11 2007, following on from the 3rd Conference on Topological and Algebraic Methods in Non-Classical Logics TANCL'07.

Co-investigator of `Relational Semantics of Substructural and Other Logics', EPSRC EP/E029329/1, with Hilary Priestley (University of Oxford) as PI, from January to July 2007.

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