The Kantori mailing list

Long ago in the Spring of 1997, when both of us were still living in Japan, Neil Fergusson and I started the mailing list Kantori for active birdwatchers interested in birds in Japan.
Now 4 years later we are no longer in Japan, but the list is going stronger and stronger with about 92 members inside and outside Japan. The usual language of conversation is english. Kantori is an automated mailing list and mildly moderated. Please join us!
The list runs on Yahoo-groups (formerly Egroups). After identifying yourself to Yahoo, you can subscribe to Kantori via the following link:

Click to subscribe to kantori

From the startup message: Topics should be limited to

  a. Principal topic: Birds of Japan
     i.   Birdwatching:
	  identification tips, good birding places, 
	  results of field trips,
	  information about new field trips, etc.
     ii.  Bird Ecology:
          when, where and why do which birds occur, 
	  habitat preferences, changing habits, etc.

  b. Other minor topics which may be of interest, but are not the primary
     interest of the list
     i.   Plant, mammal, reptile, etc. (non-bird) ecology.
    ii.   Birding other areas in Japan, the world, etc.

The list functions as follows:

  • Post (for members only): send email to
  • Subscribe: send empty email to
  • Unsubscribe: send empty email to
  • General help:

    Best Regards,

    Fer-Jan de Vries.
    no longer in Tsukuba, Japan.

    For more information: Birds in Japan and Asia Last modified: May 9, 2001.