Literature for Birds of Japan and Asia

Of course the following is not exhaustive: I present merely some books and resources that I have found useful for birdwatching in Japan, or otherwise interesting.

Bird identification

Background information
  • What is a Species, and What is Not? Ernst Mayr. PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE, VOL. 63 (JUNE 1996) PP. 262-277. Online copy. See also the Internet Resource Guide for Zoology on The Species Concept.

  • The Map Japan, 1992. Publisher Warajiya, 3-2-18 Shimmachi Nishi-ku, Osaka 550, Japan. Tel: (06)532-1515. Fax: (06)532-1518.
    English maps of the whole of Japan. Scale = 1:250,000. In combination with more detailed local japanese maps I found it a very useful tool. Detailed survey maps can be found in most major bookshops (e.g. Maruzen, Kinokunya) in the japanese maps section.
    The Philippines
    Nakayama-Shoten (03) 3813-1100 publisher of 24-volume the encyclopedia Systematic Zoology

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