April 16, Doho-koen/AIST in Tsukuba

Dear all,				

The beautiful spring made my daily short bike ride to the institute
very pleasant today. There was an unusual vocal flock of about ten
Azure-winged magpies behind the Guesthouse at the AIST area next to
Doho-koen. The call of the Japanese Sparrowhawk [Tsumi] then explained
all this: a beautiful female hawk landed in the pine tree above my
head, called a few more times and apparently inspected me for a while
before disappearing behind some more distant trees. The magpies
protested loudly against all this.



Spot-billed duck	[Karu-gamo]
Green-winged Teal	[Ko-gamo]
Common Gallinule	[Ban] 
Japanese Sparrowhawk	[Tsumi]
Common pheasant		[Kiji]  

Rufous turtle dove	[Kiji-bato]
Pygmy woodpecker	[Ko-gera] 
Skylark			[Hibari]
Brown-eared bulbul	[Hiyodori]
Brown thrush		[Akahara] 

Dusky thrush		[Tsugumi]
Bush warbler		[Uguisu]
Great tit		[Shijuu-kara] 
Long-tailed tit		[Enaga] 
Siberian meadow bunting [Hoojiro]

Tree sparrow		[Suzume]
Gray starling		[Mukudori]
Jay			[Kakesu]
Azure winged magpie	[Onaga]
Jungle crow		[Hashibuto-garasu]