Some bird observations by Fer-Jan de Vries

Yamanakako in the prefecture Yamanashi is one of the five lakes at the foot of mount Fuji. It is roughly 10 km long and at most 500 m wide on the north east-side of the old vulcano. It is a kind of holidays resort in easy reach from Tokyo. But in the end of March it is still quiet, especially the east end of the lake. You can get there by highway bus from Shinjuku-sation, as described in the Lonely Planet. I stayed there as guest of the pleasant seminar of SCORE.
Visit: 26th-28th March 1996. Spring had not really started yet. The last two days were pleasantly warm.
Great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus Kanmuri-kaitsuburi 25.
Mute swan Cygnus olor Kobu-hakuchou: 5.
Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Ma-gamo: More than 40.
Spot-billed duck Anas poecilorhyncha Karu-gamo: 10.
Falcated teal Anas falcata Yoshi-gamo: 15.
Gadwall Anas strepera Okayoshi-gamo 15.
Eurasian wigeon Anas penelope Hidori-gamo: More than 200.
Pochard Aythya ferina Hoshi-hajiro: More than 300
Tufted duck Aythya fuligula Kinkuro hajiro: 5.
Smew Mergus albellus Miko-aisa: 15.
Common merganser Mergus Merganser Kawa-aisa: 3.
Coot Fulica atra Ou-ban: 120.
Black kite Milvus migrans Tobi: 25.
Barn swallow Hirundo rustica Tsubame: 1. March 28: my first of the season!
Great tit Parus major Shiji-kara: Several around building of Tsukuba Daigaku.
Oriental greenfinch Carduelis sinica Kawara-hiwa: Several around building of Tsukuba Daigaku. Last modified: May 13, 1996. Fer-Jan de Vries, ferjan@harl.hitachi.co.jp