Birds of Japan and Asia


This page contains pointers to information on birdwatching in Japan. In particular you will find here a pointer to the Kantori mailing list on birds in Japan. You will also find here records of bird observations of me and some of my friends and fellow birders. The title of this homepage is happily borrowed from my very first field guide: Birds of Britain and Europe.
Disclaimer: Since September 2000 I am no longer living in Japan. Most of my current birding now takes place in the UK and as it happens Uruguay.

For me, birdwatching in Japan was a refreshing experience. It feels like starting fresh, because not only there are lots new species, but familiar species may be represented by sometimes confusingly different subspecies.


Books and CD's for birding in Japan.

Online checklists

Records of birds in Japan (until Sept 2000)

Some records of birds in Asia/Oceania

Identification issues

Mailing lists

Other possibly interesting homepages on birds




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