University of Leicester – Department of Computer Science

CO7206 - Fall 2003 - Lab 4: Program Visualization and Metrics Tools

30 / Oct. / 2003  

Objective: Learning to use a commercial C and C++ reverse engineering, visualization, documentation and metrics tool

In lab. 3 students used CodeSurfer for program slicing. In this lab students will do further program understanding and analysis experiments, using Imagix 4D. Imagix 4D is a tool for reverse engineering, visualizing and documenting C and C++ systems. It also provides various metrics for the code under analysis. Imagix 4D is a commercial tool provided by the courtesy of Imagix 4D. Until license key installation takes place, students will run the very useful tutorial that accompanies the trial version.


*Note: Imagix 4D is already on the machine that Jimmy works on.

1-     Go to then to downloads.

2-     Fill the mandatory fields of the form and choose the version for Windows (I only used the Windows version but you can try the Linux version if you prefer). Then, enter to Software Downloads page.

3-     Install the Imagix 4D on your lab. machine under c:\localapp.

4-     Start Imagix 4D and run the tutorial. You will need around 2 hours to finish it. On average, you need to allocate 10 hours to learning Imagix 4D to master it. We will be using for further course work too. There is also a useful user guide.



q       Imagix 4D User Guide. It comes with the package.