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During my time at Leicester I served as Deputy Head (as from 1992), and then Head, of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, followed by two terms as Head of the School of Mathematics and Computer Science when the School was created in 2003. I stepped down as Head of School when the College of Science and Engineering was formed in 2009 (and the School ceased to exist).

Prior to this (and also during these periods) I held a number of other departmental and school positions such as Director of B.Sc. programmes, Chair of the Student-Staff Committee, Chair of the Teaching Committee, Combined Arts Selector, Combined Science Tutor, Seminar Organizer, Welfare Tutor, Equal Opportunities Officer, Erasmus Co-ordinator, Examinations Officer, Lifelong-Learning Representative and Member of the Electronic and Software Engineering Degrees Steering Committee. I was also involved in a variety of other tasks, such as appraisal, mentoring new staff and so on.

I also represented the department at both the Faculties of Arts and Science as well as the University Senate and I was a member of the Faculty of Science Learning and Teaching Committee. I also had a range of other university positions, such as being the Faculty Moderator for University College Northampton (now the University of Northampton) and being a member of various university committees (such as the Audio-Visual Users Consultative Group, the Information and Communications Strategy Committee, the Resources Subcommittee of the Learning and Teaching Committee, the SAP Review Committee and the Technical Grading Committee). I was also a member of the University's Quantitative Modelling Unit.

After my second period as Head of School I became the Academic Director of the College of Science and Engineering. In the role, I chaired the College's Academic Committee and served on the College Management Board. In relation to this role, I also served on several University Committees, including:

  • the Academic Policy Committee;
  • the Assessment and Feedback Working Group;
  • the Distance Learning Advisory Group;
  • the Student and Experience Enhancement Group;
  • the Technologies for Learning Management Group;
  • the Programme Development Committee.

I was also a member of the College Careers and Employability Working Group and a second term as a member of the University Senate.

For the last part of my career at Leicester (both whilst I was academic director and also fter I had stepped down from that role) I held a number of further administrative positions. Within the department I acted as liaison between the department and the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Management (now part of the School of Business). I also served as the departmental contact with the i-Science programme. I was the Estates and Resources Officer for the department and I served on several departmental committees (such as the Management Committee, the Research Committee, the Postgraduate Committee and the Athena Swan SAT). I was also a staff appraiser for the department. As fas as university positions were concerned, I was a member of the Grade 9 Promotions Committee and the Gender Equality Executive Group.

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