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One of the many pleasures of doing research is the opportunity to work with other people. I have been fortunate in that I have written research papers in conjunction with a collection of very talented Mathematicians and Computer Scientists. As well as being stimulating collaborators, they are a great bunch of people, and I have enjoyed being with them. I have listed them below together with links to their home pages (or other source of information) where such information was readilyavailable.

I have only listed collaborators where our work together has been published (or accepted for publication) as a book or in a journal or else appeared as a technical report; see also my lists of books and research papers. There are more projects in the pipe-line; watch this space!

Derek Andrews

David Blyth

Cornelia Boldyreff

Alan Cain

Colin Campbell

Andy Coleman

Andrew Colman

Ruth Corran

Hossein Doostie

David Duce

Martin Edjvet

Ana Fonseca

Rahmat Gholamie

Pat Hall

Tricia Heggie

Thomas Herbst

Derek Holt

Michael Hoffmann

Jim Howie

Sam Jones

Dave Johnson

Dietrich Kuske

Marta Kwiatkowska

Steve Lakin

Vassilis Metaftsis

Robert Neely

Markku Niemenmaa

Andre Nies

Graham Oliver

Friedrich Otto

Matt Owens

Duncan Parkes

Sarah Rees

Gabriela Rino Nesin

Edmund Robertson

Gerhard Rosenberger

Claas Rover

Clive Ruggles

Nik Ruskuc

Martin Scheer

Volodya Shavrukov

Mike Shields

Iain Stewart

Michael Stille

Nik Tetteh-Lartey

Yusuf Unlu

Ann Wrightson

Craig Wotherspoon

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