8th International Conference on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems


To register for ICFI 05 please complete and submit the following form.

You will also be required to send payment covering the registration fee using one of three methods (the confirmation page following submission will include the relevant details for convenient printing):

Credit Card
Please complete the credit card payment form and fax this to +44 (0116) 252 3915 (Computer Science Department). Do not send the completed form directly to the finance office.
BACS (from UK organisations)
Payment should be made to
  HSBC plc
  Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 6EP
  Sort Code: 40 28 06
  Account Number: 80829595
  Reference: ICFI'05 and participant's name
It is extremely important to include the reference.
Please send cheques to
  Jyoti Sharma
  University of Leicester
  Department of Computer Science
  Leicester LE1 7RH
Cheques should be in Pounds Sterling and payable to "The University of Leicester". Please write the participant's name on the reverse.
Once your payment has cleared we will confirm your registration.

The following participation rates apply:
Full participant: GBP 240.00 PhD Student: GBP 200.00 Sponsored UK PhD Student: GBP 20.00. These rates include registration at the conference, the welcome reception and the conference dinner.

Partners are welcome to join the participants for the conference dinner at the cost of GBP50 per person.

A late registration fee of GBP 20.00 over and above the standard fee will apply for registrations after June 5th, 2005.

Contact Details:
First Name: Last Name:
Organisation: Department:
Address Line 1: Address Line 2:
City: Postcode:
email: phone:

Funded PhD students that are based in the UK and intend to contribute to UK research after completeing their PhD are eligible for funded place at ICFI05. We have 20 places funded by the EPSRC. Studentships will be provided on a first come - first serve basis.

I am a PhD student eligible for funding (if all student places are taken, the reduced rate of GBP 200 applies, otherwise partcipation is charged at GBP 20):
I am a PhD student, but not eligible for funding (the reduced rate of GBP 200 applies):
My student registration no is:
I am not a PhD student (the full rate of GBP 240 applies):
A late registration fee of GBP 20.00 will be added to the total fee.
Payment Method:
I will pay by Credit Card.
I will pay by cheque.
I will pay by BACS.
Special Requirements:
I have special dietary requirements:
I have other special requirements that organisers need to be aware of:
Guest registration for Conference Banquet:

The cost of the banquet is included in the conference registration. The following gives you the opportunity to reserve places for additional guests.

I would like to register a number of guests for the conference banquet at the Space Center in Leicester. This figure does not include myself. Extra places are charged at GBP 50 per place.

Please enter the number of extra places required: