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Thomas Erlebach's Curriculum Vitae


1989-1994 TU München Diplom (MSc) in Computer Science (major) and Mathematics (minor) Thesis title: "Automatic Parallelization of Divide-and-Conquer-Algorithms"
1995-1999 TU München PhD in Computer Science Thesis title: "Scheduling Connections in Fast Networks" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr)

Academic Employment

1995-1999 TU München Teaching and Research Assistant
1999-2000 TU München Post-doctoral Researcher
2000-2004 ETH Zürich Assistant Professor in Theory of Communication Networks
2004-2007 University of Leicester Reader in Algorithms
2007- University of Leicester Professor of Computer Science (and Head of Department from 2011 to 2014)


My list of publications is available here.

Research Grants

  • SNF grant "Approximation Algorithms for Problems in Communication Networks", April 2001-March 2004. Funding: one PhD position and travel expenses.
  • SNF grant "Price-Based Call Admission Control", January 2001-April 2002 (shared with B. Stiller (ETHZ, TIK)). Funding: two PhD positions.
  • European Commission Thematic Network APPOL II (Approximation and Online Algorithms for Optimization Problems), IST-2001-32007, funded by BBW, November 2001-October 2004 (shared with P. Widmayer (ETHZ, D-INFK)). Funding: travel expenses and workshops.
  • European Commission Integrated Project DELIS (Dynamically Evolving, Large Scale Information Systems), Coordinator: Prof. F. Meyer auf der Heide (Paderborn). January 2004-December 2007 (shared with P. Widmayer (ETHZ, D-INFK)).
  • ETH-internal research project (TH-Projekt) EvolvNet (Evolving the Internet), September 2000-April 2004 (shared with P. Huang (ETHZ, TIK)). Funding: one PhD position (3 years) and one post-doc position (2 years).
  • ETH-internal research project (TH-Projekt) "Mobile phone antenna optimization", April 2002-March 2005 (shared with P. Widmayer (ETHZ, D-INFK)). Funding: two PhD positions.
  • Hasler-Foundation DICS-Project "Robustness of the Internet at the Topology and Routing Level", November 2002-October 2004. Funding: one PhD position.
  • European Commission STREP "iCamp: Innovative, inclusive, interactive & intercultural learning campus", October 2005-December 2008, University of Leicester (with Dr. Effie Law, Leicester). Funding: 1.5 post-doc positions.
  • Science Bursary for Undergraduate Research "Algorithms for Routing Backbone Construction in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks", funded by The Nuffield Foundation, June 2006-August 2006, University of Leicester. Funding: 1 undergraduate student bursary.
  • European Commision STREP "80 Days" (Around an inspiring virtual learning world in eighty days), April 2008-September 2010, University of Leicester (with Dr. Effie Law, Leicester). Funding: 346,000 Euros.
  • European Commission project "Innovative Remote Laboratory in the E-training of Mechatronics (MeRLab)", Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, January 2008-June 2009, University of Leicester (with Dr. Effie Law, Leicester). Funding: 22,000 Euros.
  • European Commission Best Practice Network "ICOPER - Interoperable Content for Performance in a Competency-Driven Society", eContentplus Programme. September 2008-February 2011, University of Leicester (with Dr. Effie Law, Leicester). Funding: 153,000 Euros.
  • European Commission Large-Scale Integrating Project "ROLE - Responsive Open Learning Environments", February 2009-January 2013, University of Leicester (with Dr. Effie Law, Leicester). Funding: 497,000 Euros.
  • HoSEM: Household-Supplier Energy Market (PI: Ruzanna Chitchyan), 1 October 2017 - 31 March 2019.
  • ACUTE: Algorithms for Computing with Uncertainty - Theory and Experiments (with Michael Hoffmann), 1 November 2019 - 31 October 2022.

PhD Student Supervision


  1. Alexander Hall, April 2001-December 2003, ETH Zürich. Defended 15th December 2003. Scheduling and Flow Related Problems in Networks.
  2. Sai Anand, April 2001-February 2004, ETH Zürich. Defended 16th February 2004. Call Admission Control in Ring-Based Networks.
  3. Danica Vukadinovic, September 2000-August 2004, ETH Zürich. Defended 31st August 2004. Internet Topology: Analysis, Modelling, Impact.
  4. Stamatis Stefanakos, April 2001-August 2004, ETH Zürich. Defended 31st August 2004. Approximation Algorithms for Optimization Problems in Communication Networks.
  5. Matus Mihalak, April 2003-January 2007, University of Leicester. Defended 8th January 2007. Optimization Problems in Communication Networks.
  6. Ambreen Shahnaz, November 2007-January 2012, University of Leicester. Approximating node-weighted Steiner subgraphs for multicast communication in wireless networks.
  7. Jawad Ashraf, June 2008-January 2013, University of Leicester. Workflow Scheduling in Grids.
  8. Shagufta Henna, October 2008-January 2013, University of Leicester. Cross-Layer Routing Protocols in Wireless Networks.
  9. Tom Grant, October 2009-July 2013, University of Leicester. Approximation algorithms for wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks.
  10. Michalis Mavrovouniotis, July 2010-July 2013, University of Leicester (co-supervised with Dr Shengxiang Yang). Ant colony algorithms for dynamic optimisation problems.
  11. Aram Rasul, October 2011-September 2015, University of Leicester. Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks.
  12. Hasna Alqahtani, January 2012-December 2015, University of Leicester. Activation Network Problems.
  13. Matthew Radoja, February 2013-February 2017, University of Leicester. Best Response Dynamics in Simultaneous and Sequential Network Design Games.
  14. Aisha Mashraqi, May 2013-October 2017, University of Leicester. Throughput Optimisation in Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks.
  15. Aeshah Alsughayyir, October 2013-April 2018, University of Leicester. Energy-Aware Scheduling in Decentralised Multi-Cloud Systems.


  • Jakob Spooner, since October 2017, University of Leicester. Temporal Graphs.
  • Kleitos Papadopoulos, since October 2018, University of Leicester. Efficient Algorithms for Graphs.

PhD Examinations

  • PhD Examinations in the UK
    • University of Leicester, January 2009
    • University of Leicester, February 2011
    • University of Leicester, January 2012
    • King's College London, January 2012
    • University of Leicester, October 2012
    • University of Leicester, November 2014
    • University of Glasgow, November 2015
    • King's College London, July 2016
    • The University of Liverpool, September 2016
    • University of Leicester, November 2017
    • The University of Liverpool, June 2018
    • King's College London, January 2019
    • University of Portsmouth, September 2019
    • University of Leicester, July 2021
  • PhD Examinations outside the UK
    • ETH Zurich, Switzerland, March 2003
    • TU Berlin, Germany, April 2003
    • ETH Zurich, Switzerland, September 2003
    • ETH Zurich, Switzerland, December 2003
    • ETH Zurich, Switzerland, August 2005
    • KU Leuven, Belgium, September 2005
    • ETH Zurich, Switzerland, August 2006
    • TU Berlin, Germany, October 2006
    • University of Montpellier, France, September 2008
    • University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2009
    • Aalto University, Finland, December 2010
    • BTU Cottbus, Germany, February 2012
    • University of Waterloo, Canada, November 2012
    • Umeå University, Sweden, June 2019
    • TU Berlin, Germany, December 2019

Editorial Boards

  • Theoretical Computer Science (since 2009)
  • Editor of the Algorithms Column of the Bulletin of the EATCS
  • Operations Research Letters (2009-2013)

Program Committee Membership

Author: Thomas Erlebach (t.erlebach at mcs dot le dot ac dot uk).
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