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Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Optimisation Problems: Design, Analysis and Applications


Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been applied to solve many stationary problems. However, real-world problems are usually more complex and dynamic, where the objective function, decision variables, and environmental parameters may change over time. In this project, we will investigate novel EA approaches to address dynamic optimisation problems (DOPs), a challenging but very important research area. The research has three main aspects: (1) designing and evaluating new EAs for DOPs, (2) theoretically analysing EAs for DOPs, and (3) adapting developed EA approaches to solve dynamic telecommunication optimisation problems.

This project is a collaborative project between Universities of Leicester and Birmingham, British Telecommunication Plc (BT) and Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH. The total funding from EPSRC is £571,438 (£307,469 to Leicester under Grant EP/E060722/1 and £263,969 to Birmingham under Grant EP/E058884/1). This project is for a duration of three years from 01 January 2008 to 31 December 2010.

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