The 2nd European Young Researchers Workshop on Service Oriented Computing

11-12 June 2007, Leicester, UK

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Accepted Papers

authors title
Gero Decker, Oliver Kopp and Frank Puhlmann Service Referrals in BPEL-based Choreographies
Tianxiang Lu and Carsten Ullrich Course Generation as a web service for e-Learning Systems
Qing Gu and Patricia Lago A Model for exploring the Service Oriented Software Engineering (SOSE) Challenges
Francesco De Angelis, Alberto Polzonetti and Flavio Corradini Verification of WS-CDL Choreographies
Marco Comerio A Novel Approach to Web Service Discovery
Sven De Labey and Eric Steegmans Advanced Language Constructsfor Developing Intra-organizational Service Architectures
Annapoala Marconi, Marco Pistore and Paolo Traverso Automated Web Service Composition in Practice: from Composition Requirements Specification to Process Run
Hong Qing Yu and Hernan Molina A modified Logic Scoring Preference method for dynamic web service evaluation and selection
Simon Foster Modelling compensation with Timed Process Algebra
Llanos Tobarra Abad, Diego Cazorla and Fernando Cuartero Automated Verification of Web Services Trust Issuance Binding
Peter Wong and Jeremy Gibbons Verifying Business Process Compatibility
Maurice ter Beek, Corrado Moiso and Marinella Petrocchi Modelling and Analysis of an Indentity Federation Protocol for Web Services: The case of Federated Network Providers
Ganna Frankova and Artsiom Yautsiukhin Service and Protection Level Agreements for Business Processes
Laszlo Gonczy Methodology for a Precise Development Process of Service Oriented Applications
Helge Janicke and Monika Solanki Policy Driven Service Discovery
Mousa Al-Akhras and Hussein Zedan Quality Estimation for Streamed of VoIP Services
Ervin Ramollari, Dimitris Drandis and Anthony James Howard Simons A Survey of Service Oriented Development Methodologies