Coalgebraic Logic

Some colleagues having done work on logics for coalgebras

Some Introductory Material ...

slides on coinduction (based on Jacobs and Rutten, A Tutorial on (Co)Algebras and (Co)Induction. EATCS Bulletin 62, 1997, p.222-259 )

ESSLLI'01 course on `Coalgebras and Modal Logic'

Notes for the participants of the summer school affiliated to CTCS'04 held in Copenhagen, 9-11 August 2004. ps, pdf

A. Kurz: Coalgebras and Their Logics. Logic Column of the SIGACT News 37 (2), pp. 57-77, 2006.

C. Cirstea, A. Kurz, D. Pattinson, L. Schröder, Y. Venema: Modal Logics are Coalgebraic. BCS Visions in Computer Science 2008. (.pdf)