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VOSENID: A Modular Toolkit for Distributed Interactions

This toolkit implements some theories for distributed interactions. The main design principles of our architecture are flexibility and modularity. In fact, the toolkit is inspired by existing theories of distributed interactions recently introduced in the literature. Our main goal is to provide an easily extensible workbench to encompass current algorithms and incorporate future developments of the theories.

WARNING: The tool and its documentation are still in development!



  • GHC >= 6.10 (older versions do work, but the installation is not that straightforward)
  • Haskell-hint (should be available in your package manager, e.g. libghc6-hint-dev in Ubuntu)
  • Presburger (original is here)
  • Haskell hs-plugins >= 1.2 (if you use GHC < 6.10!)

Installation and usage

  • Installation
    • Install GHC and haskell-hint (or hs-plugins), available through Cabal and/or your favorite packet manager.
    • Untar presburger and install it (see README).
    • Untar vosenid and install it (see README).
  • Usage
    • The syntax accepted by Vocenid is specified here.
    • To run the tool, just type ./vocenid {inputFile}. You can also pipe your file like cat myfile | ./vocenid .
    • The tool prints the projections and types it has computed (more info in the paper) and generates a Haskell file inputFile.hs.
    • The generated file should be compilable, e.g. ghc --make inputFile.hs, please let me know if any of this does not work.


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