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SRML Editor and EMF Model

This is the homepage and Eclipse Update Site for the Sensoria Reference Modeling Language (SRML) Editor and EMF Model.

Please install via menu Help > Software Updates > Find and Install > New Remote Site

Requirements: Eclipse 3.3 (Note: Eclipse 3.2 is not valid)

Plug-in Requirements: Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) and all dependent plug-ins (install via Europa Discovery Site und click on Select Required to install all required plug-ins)

After installation you can import the project eu.sensoria.srml into your workbench via menu Import > Plug-in Development > Plug-ins and Fragments and you will find the SRML model srml.ecore in the model folder.

The editor is invoked via menu File > New > Example > Srml Diagram. A tree based model editor can be invoked by double-click on an .srml file which gives you access to all model elements.

LowOil Example: lowoilScenario.srml, lowoilScenario.srml_diagram, LowOil(v2).pdf

SRML Editor

Author: Karsten Ehrig (, T: +44 (0)116 223 1246.
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