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Stephan Reiff-Marganiec: Teaching


  • I am course convenor of CO7215: Advanced Web Technologies
    [Campus only Resources] which I have developed. This course is also offered as CO7515 to our DL students and CO4215 to our integrated Masters (MComp) students. CO7215 covers topics on Service Computing, Business Processes and Cloud Computing with an primary focus on available technologies. The course uses C#, MS Workflow Foundation and MS Azure.
  • I developed and taught a final year undergraduate course on Web Technologies covering Servlet and XML technologies from 2004. I handed teaching of this course to a colleague with effect from the 2010/11 academic year.
  • I have taught a few classes on internet fundamentals as part of CO1097; a first year undergraduate course.

Teaching Related Admin Roles

I am Director of the MSc Programmes in Computer Science and the Director of the DL programmes. I am a member of the College of Science and Engineering Academic Committee. I have been a member of programme approval panels from 2011 to 2013. I represneted the College of Science and Engineering on the University Plagiarism Working Party which reviewed our plagiarism guidelines accross the University in the 2012/13 academic year.

Author: Stephan Reiff-Marganiec (, T: +44 (0) 116 252 2603.
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