Healthy Crossroads in Pregnancy Care (HCPC) - A Scoping and Participatory Design Study of the Potential for ICTs to Improve Maternal Health in India AHRC MRC

Project funded by the MRC-AHRC Global Public Health: Partnership Awards scheme.

The HCPC Parnertship between UK and India

Maternal health is one of the foremost public health challenges in India. This partnership aims to co-inquire what roles Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) might play in enhancing and shaping (individual and community-based) socio-cultural practices around pregnancy care in India.

We have brought together a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-geographical group of researchers, technology designers, public & community health workers, and grassroots citizens' organisations to explore the opportunities afforded by ICTs to help identify, promote and/or restrict the consequences of (un)healthy practices and lifestyle behaviors in the health of pregnant women, the newborns, and the community.

Technology Change

UK-India Multidisciplinary Investigators