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Midlands Graduate School 2013, Leicester, UK

Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April 2013

New: The bar at John Foster Hall will be open on Sunday from 530pm to 7pm for pre-school drinks (Octavian and Alexander will join you there).

Most pubs and restaurants are approximately a 20min walk from John Foster Hall.


The Midlands Graduate School (MGS) provides an intensive course of lectures on the Mathematical Foundations of Computing Science. It has run annually since 1999 and has been held at either the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester, the University of Nottingham, or at the University of Sheffield. The lectures are aimed at graduate students, typically in their first or second year of study for a PhD. However, the school is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about mathematical computing foundations, and all such applicants are warmly welcomed. We very much encourage students from abroad to attend, and many have done so in the past.

Students of MGS are typically extremely pleased with our events, giving us very high satisfaction ratings, and 100% of students in recent years say they would recommend MGS. This is our tenth anniversary and we hope that you will be able to take part!

John Foster Hall

The lectures will take place at the John Foster Hall , about 3 miles from the city centre, and 2 miles from the main University of Leicester Campus. Accommodation will be provided here as well. This is a modern conference venue, opened in 2006. It is a very short distance from the University's Botanical Gardens.

Lecture Courses

There are Core courses which are taken by everyone, and consist of five one hour lectures. There are also Options, which consist of four one hour lectures. These are listed below.

This year MGS has invited Professor Philip Wadler, University of Edinburgh, as guest lecturer.

Lecturer Course
Natasha Alechina Modal Logic 0
Venanzio Capretta Coalgebras and Infinite Data Structures O
Nikos Tzevelekos Typed Lambda-Calculus C
Brian Logan Multi-agent programming O
Uday Reddy Category Theory C
Eike Ritter Security and applied pi-calculus O
Georg Struth Kleene Algebra O
Rick Thomas Formal Languages and Group Theory O
Philip Wadler Topics in Lambda Calculus and Life O
Further details about the courses will appear later on. We expect that the core course (C) will be scheduled in the mornings and the optional courses (O) in the afternoons, which two optional courses running in parallel in each session. Details from previous MGS schools are available.


The timetable: [.pdf].

Accomodation Pavillions

The Bar


Registration is now closed.

Travel and Accommodation

The Dining Hall - evening meals will be served, along with coffee.

MGS is accessible by car, train and bus. We suggest that you use Google Maps to assist in planning your journey together with the information below:

Please note that John Foster Hall is part of the Oadby Halls of Residence and Conference Site.

School Pictures

Here are the pictures we took yesterday. I want to appologise if someone is missing.

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Some of you asked me for a list of participants and their corresponding e-mails. Here is one .pdf


You may contact the organisers Alexander Kurz and Octavian Babus at

  • mgs.le.2013 at

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