RC 2009 Scientific Programme

A Satellite Workshop of ETAPS 2009

Time Author(s) Title
9.00 Workshop Participants Registration
Session 1 Chair: Irek Ulidowski
9.15 Irek Ulidowski Welcome
9.30 Tommaso Toffoli Invited Talk: From such simple a beginning: The momentous consequences of microscopic physics' reversibility for communication and computation-and for almost everything else
10.30 Break
Session 2 Chair: Iain Phillips
11.00 Alexis De Vos Invited Talk: Reversible computer hardware. Slides
12.00 Bill Stoddart, Robert Lynas and Frank Zeyda A reversible virtual machine. Slides
12.30 Lunch
Session 3 Chair: Alexis De Vos
14.00 Kenichi Morita Invited Talk: Universality issues in reversible computing systems and cellular automata. Slides
15.00 Robert Wille and Rolf Drechsler Effect of BDD optimization on synthesis of reversible and quantum logic. Slides
15.30 Break
Session 4 Chair: Bill Stoddart
16.00 Tetsuo Yokoyama Invited Tutorial: Reversible computation and reversible programming languages. Slides
17.00 Michael Kirkedal Thomsen, Robert Gl├╝ck and Holger Bock Axelsen Towards designing a reversible processor architecture. Slides
17.20 Michel Schellekens, Diamuid Early, Emanuel Popovici and Dilip Vasudevan A high level reversible language for modular average case analysis. Slides
17.40 Pete Harrison and Maria Grazia Vigliotti Reversed time in Markovian networks Cancelled
18.00 Tomoo Yokoyama and Tetsuo Yokoyama Functoriality in reversible circuits. Slides
18:20 Irek Ulidowski Closing remarks

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Irek Ulidowski, Department of Computer Science, University of Leicester.