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Student support workshop sessions

Please also consult the campus page here


  • Thu 27, 10:00-12:00, MSB LT1
    Welcome to year 2!
    Tom to talk about various topics.
    Handout and Slides

  • Thu 27, 16:00, Peter Williams LT (Fielding Johnson)
    Departmental welcome back event, all years
    Reiko to talk. Prize giving etc.


  • Mon 1, 10:00-11:00, ENG LT2
    Study abroad info. session (departmental contact is Thomas Erlebach)


  • Thu 1, 09:00-11:00, ENG LT 2
    Year 2 workshop number 2
    Tom to talk about various topics.
    Tom's slides ; BCS slides ; EdEx slides

Later sessions

  • TBC Information session on year with industry
  • TBC Feb 2019: Information session on module choices for year 3
  • TBC Information session on choosing your project