Copyright notice: The published material is for education use only. It is meant to serve as working material for the SegraVis Advanced School on Visual Modelling Techniques.


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Tom Mens:

  • Slides: Graph-Transformation-Based Support for Model Evolution
  • Lecture Material: Mens-paperSegraVis.pdf
  • Software Tool: Extended version of the AGG tool environment:
    [Created by Jean-Francois Warny and Tom Mens]
    Please download the ZIP-File (5 MB), extract it and double click on AggSirp.jar. From within the AGG environment that will be opened, you can now open the file "DefectResolutionLayered.ggx" that you can find in the same directory as the one where AggSirp.jar is located. Then, select "Defect Management" in the "Analyzer" menu and you can start playing... For more information, contact Tom Mens directly.

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